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Public Speaking, educating audiences to influence change.

"I ask people to do both the hardest and easiest thing in the world; to change their culture by changing themselves. Be kinder. Say thank you. Think before you speak. Be mindful of the feelings of others. Try to be better. Apologise when you aren’t.

Because if we can change ourselves, this is how we change the world."

Simon draws on all his experiences as a trainee surgeon and experienced speaker to deliver inspirational, motivational talks which leave the audience empowered to change, not only themselves, but also the world around them.


Previously Invited Talks

Simon is regularly invited to speak both nationally and internationally about his experiences of leadership, training and culture change within healthcare. As a passionate and motivational speaker, he inspires others to challenge their own preconceived thoughts and behaviours in a unique and honest way.

By reflecting on his own experiences - and his own shortcomings - Simon examines current issues within the NHS with humour and integrity, and encourages others to join him on his journey to make the world of healthcare a safer, happier and more inclusive place for staff and patients alike.

Click here for a list of Simon’s recent or upcoming talks and presentations, but his high impact talks include:

Changing and Challenging Culture in the NHS

Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, November 2019

The Era of the Bully is Over

TEDxNHS, London, August 2017

Changing Culture in Healthcare

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Ottawa, July 2019

Creating a Safe and Just Culture in the NHS

Joint Committee on the National Health Service Safety Investigation Bill, Westminster, June 2018

Bullying in Healthcare and the HSE

Health Service Executive, Dublin, March 2019

Policy Change through Evidence Based Empowerment

National Academy of Sciences - A Systems Approach to Alleviating Work-induced Stress, Washington DC, April 2018


Sheffield Orthopaedic Trainers Day, Sheffield, January 2020

Anti-Bullying Round Table

House of Lords, London, May 2019

Futureproof The NHS Plenary Debate

Kings College Policy Institute Unconference, London, March 2018

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During the current Coronavirus crisis, Simon has moved his public speaking and invited talks online delivering webinars, producing podcasts and publishing blogs. His 2021 diary is filling up fast and to check Simon’s availability or enquire about booking him to speak at an event click below.